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Envision. Accomplish. Enjoy.Envision. Accomplish. Enjoy.



Even the smallest spaces are perfect for entertaining. Whether it’s a rooftop barbecue or drinks on the balcony, making the most of what’s available can keep the party going. Simple things like utilizing seating that doubles as storage will maximize square footage, while compact coolers keep drinks fresh and guests in the moment. Your outdoor space can be your sanctuary. Take a breath. Enjoy.


Utilizing elements that serve multiple purposes can go a long way in turning your dream space into a reality. Seats that double as storage give your guests a place to relax while hiding away unsightly tools and supplies.

Suncast storage in front of a pink wallSuncast storage in front of a pink wall
Trash Hideaway flanked by flower plantersTrash Hideaway flanked by flower planters


Keep the party going with outdoor solutions to indoor problems. Prep stations help barbecue chefs to stay in the mix. Throw trash in a stylish hideaway, and need a new drink? No problem! There’s more in the cooler.

Collage: trash hideaway, prep station, planter, grilling toolsCollage: trash hideaway, prep station, planter, grilling tools
Blue planterBlue planter


Just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean you need to be short on style. Little things go a long way, and a splash of accent color from a planter may be all you need to bring your vision to life.

Wide shot showing the entire rooftop deckWide shot showing the entire rooftop deck


Thinking vertically can preserve precious floor space and give your guests room to mingle and maybe even dance. Using elevated fixtures to hang planters frees up space and can bring natural elements to any cityscape. An open-air roof provides shade and the illusion of a larger area. Take the time to strategize and let your imagination run wild.

Collage: hanging plant, planter, city skylineCollage: hanging plant, planter, city skyline

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