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Single Tool Hook Hanger

Product Description

Long handled tools can be tricky to deal with. That’s why the Suncast® Single Tool Hook Hanger is the perfect solution for storing all your long-handled tools even if you have limited space on your shed walls. Each hanger can store multiple tools to maximize space and prevent tools from falling onto the floor. Keep your tools up and out of the way, but still easily accessible with the Single Tool Hook Hanger.

Compatible with: BMS1225, BMS1250, BMS1250SB, BMS2000, BMS2500, BMS2500SB, BMS2525, BMS3400, BMS3400X, BMS4700, BMS4700X, BMS4712, BMS4780, BMS4781, BMS5700, BMS5700SB, BMS5725, BMS6202, BMS6225, BMS6225TH, BMS6280, BMS6282, BMS6284, BMS6310, BMS6312, BMS6510, BMS6511, BMS6512, BMS6580, BMS6581, BMS6582, BMS6583, BMS6584, BMS6810, BMS7400, BMS7402, BMS7404, BMS7405, BMS7425, BMS7426, BMS7491, BMS7702, BMS7704, BMS7705, BMS7720, BMS7725, BMS7726, BMS7727, BMS7780, BMS7781, BMS7782, BMS7786, BMS7790, BMS7791, BMS7792, BMS8002, BMS8005, BMS8025, BMS8026, BMS8100,  BMS8125, BMS8130, BMS8135, BMS8160, BMS8165, BMS8400, BMS8700, BMS8710, BMS8712, BMS8780T, BMS9000, BMS9002TH, and BMS12000

  • Durable resin construction
  • Compact footprint allows for many placement options
  • Each hook can hold multiple tools to maximize space
  • Tilt-back design keeps tools in place
  • Easy shed installation using tool-less EZ Bolt assembly
  • Comes in a 2 pack

Product Colors

  • Main Color


Product Dimensions

  • Exterior Size: 4.25 in. W x 6.25 in. D x 6.25 in. H
  • Hanger Weight Capacity: 10 lbs. (evenly distributed, per hanger)
  • Packaging Dimensions: 7.5 in. L x 5.6 in. W x 8.43 in. H
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