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Why Resin Is the Right Choice for Your Space


When it comes to storage solutions and tools, you’ve got options—and with so many potential solutions vying for a spot in your yard, it can be hard to know where to start. We’re here to help!

What Is Resin?

Resin is a high-density synthetic compound that is lightweight, durable, and economical when compared to materials such as metal and wood—making it perfect for long-term indoor or outdoor use. We use cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to mold this versatile material into a wide range of sturdy and stylish home storage solutions and tools such as sheds, decks boxes, garage storage cabinets, snow shovels and scrapers, planters, hose reels, and more.

Better Than Metal

Metal often rusts over long periods of time outdoors and can be easily dented or bent. Resin stands up exceptionally well to heavy usage and adverse weather—plus, our products feature galvanized steel components that are resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Why Not Wood?

Wood requires regular upkeep, can be easily splintered or damaged, and is prone to rot. Resin provides better protection from the elements and pests such as termites. Resin is also resistant to mold and mildew and has UV protective properties, so it lasts a lot longer.

Resin Tops Terracotta

It’s not uncommon to find stone or terracotta planters at your local garden supply store. But neither can match resin for its portability, weather resistance, and all-around affordability. Plus, resin is far less likely to crack if dropped!

Style & Design

Resin casting makes it possible to create beautiful patterns, textures, and colors, simulating the style and appearance of more expensive and less durable materials. Beyond its attractive design, resin also stands out in the following categories:

Built To Last

Resin is a sturdy yet lightweight material designed to meet the demands of everyday life, delivering serious strength and heavy-duty durability for years and years to come.


Our resin products are made in an energy-efficient manufacturing environment with an eye toward sustainability and continuous improvement. Our manufacturing processes are 100% closed-loop, meaning all scrap resin is recycled and reused, and nothing is sent to a landfill. Best of all, the Suncast products in your home can be recycled again at the end of their useful life.

All-Year Use

From summer thunderstorms to wicked winter blizzards, resin is reliable all year round—in all climates, all across the country.

Low Maintenance

Our resin storage solutions offer effortless ease of use. Setup requires minimal tools, and cleanup couldn’t be simpler—Just grab a hose and some mild soap and give it a good scrub!

See The Difference

Explore a wide range of reliable resin storage solutions and tools that will bring lasting value to your home.

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