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The Beauty and Benefits of Houseplants—
Cleaner air, lower stress, and more productivity are just a planter away!

Houseplants add a beautiful accent to any indoor space—and that’s not just because we offer a collection of stylish, coordinating planters (shameless plug: we do!). A little greenery can also help to purify the air, lower stress levels, and increase productivity. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Cleaner Air
Plants can improve the air quality in a home by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. That’s a one-two punch, considering they not only freshen the air, but eliminate harmful toxins.


Cleaner airCleaner air


Less Stress
Research has shown that indoor plants can reduce stress in people by nearly 40%! Whether it’s the soothing colors, the subtle growth and seasonal changes, or the calming effect of slow-paced care, plants make a great stress reliever.


Increased Productivity
Improved air quality and lower stress can naturally lead to improved concentration and higher productivity. Studies have shown that plants can increase productivity by as much as 15%! Enough said, right? When you’re ready to bring some amazing houseplants into your home, here are a few tips.


Increased productivityIncreased productivity


Choose the Right Plants
Spider plants, ferns, and palms are our go-to plants. They look amazing, have varied leaf options, provide great air purification, and are easy to care for—as in super easy! As a reminder, if you have children or pets, choose plants that are safe for your home.


Choose the Right PlantsChoose the Right Plants


Select the Right Place
Houseplants can be placed almost anywhere in your home, as long as they will receive some natural light throughout the day. Home decor is always more pleasing to the eye in odd-numbered groupings and houseplants are no exception! We recommend pairing a trio of medium to large plants on surfaces of varying heights to create a balanced composition.


Grow with the flowGrow with the flow

Watering Tips
Watering needs for many common starter plants range from every other week to slightly more frequently, making them easy to maintain even if you forget about them for a few days. Keeping your houseplants hydrated can be even easier with a self- watering planter (shameless plug: we make those too). It’s always best to start slowly and observe your plant’s needs over time, taking care not to over water.


If you put in the time and attention, you can reap the benefits of an indoor garden— cleaner air, lower stress, and more productivity are just a planter away!

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