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Suncast and MiracleFeet
are setting clubfoot straight

Untreated clubfoot
Braces ready to be delivered

Clubfoot, a common birth defect causing one or both feet to turn inwards and upwards, makes it nearly impossible to walk properly. A leading cause of physical disability, this condition affects 1 out of every 800 children worldwide, often leading to a lifetime of poverty, stigma and pain.

A crucial part of the clubfoot treatment, the brace is typically worn at all times for three months, then every night for up to four years. The brace consists of shoes and a bar that maintain the feet in the proper position as the child grows. Bracing compliance is an ongoing challenge—only about half of children in treatment wear the brace as prescribed. This results in the feet relapsing into the clubfoot position and requires the casting phase of treatment to be repeated. Most braces on the market today are either high quality but expensive ($200 - $1,000) or inexpensive but low quality and hard to use ($8 - $40).

The solution:

An inexpensive, comfortable and affordable brace

Children using braces!

MiracleFeet collaborated with Suncast®, Stanford Design School and Clarks® for two years to design a low-cost, practical brace for clubfoot. The brace is manufactured and assembled at Suncast’s facility in Batavia, Illinois. (Canvas shoes provided by Clarks® Shoes) The braces were tested in five MiracleFeet-supported clinics in Nicaragua, the Philippines, Brazil, India and South Africa.

World-class athletes such as Mia Hamm, Troy Aikman, Kristi Yamaguchi and Steven Gerrard were all born with clubfoot. Due to early treatment, they went on to have extraordinary athletic careers. Untreated clubfoot should not prevent any child from fulfilling his or her potential.

Many of the world's problems are overwhelming. The issue of clubfoot is one that can be solved. Join MiracleFeet in creating a world where every child born with clubfoot can live an active and productive life.

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