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Best Gifts for New HomeownersBest Gifts for New Homeowners
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Best Gifts for New Homeowners—Need to find the perfect gift for a new homeowner? Look no further than their own backyard!

Non-traditional gifts are a great choice when shopping for a housewarming gift. Many new home buyers are starting from scratch or are looking to upgrade their essentials. Here are some suggestions for the perfect gift to not only celebrate a new home, but also provide a little distraction from unpacking!

Backyard Fun
Whether the new homeowners have a yard or a patio, a deck or a front porch—new gardening tools are always appreciated. Look for a selection of hand-held tools like trowels, pruners, or a garden knife. You can put together a planter gift with everything they'll need for a do-it-yourself garden, including some potting soil and plants! And pair it with a Suncast hose reel for all their watering needs. They'll be sure to appreciate this gift for years to come!


Hose reel and gardening toolsHose reel and gardening tools


Tool Essentials
Tools are the ultimate gift. They are super useful, and everyone has a favorite item they can't live without that they would love to share with a new homeowner. Consider putting together a kit to help with a particular move-in task like hanging pictures that includes a hammer, various picture hangers, and a level. Or maybe tool essentials like a hand-held drill or that fantastic ratcheting screwdriver set you've had your eyes on. Even more important than tools is how you keep them organized, so don’t forget the gift of organization with a Suncast Storage Cabinet.


Tools arranged on wooden boardsTools arranged on wooden boards


Give New Homeowners a Break
New homeowners are so busy unpacking and getting everything organized, they'll be grateful for a chance to walk away from it all and spend some time relaxing. Why not consider purchasing and stocking a Suncast Prep Station for their yard or patio? You can stock it with all the necessary fixings for dinner, or make it a bar cart with your favorite snacks and beverages. Add a big bow and you’re good to go!


Suncast prep stationSuncast prep station

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