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How to Host an Outdoor Party on a BudgetHow to Host an Outdoor Party on a Budget
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How to Host an Outdoor Party on a Budget—With the perfect ingredients, your budget-friendly party will be a hit!

The most important thing to remember when hosting a party on a budget is to keep it simple. All you need is some good food, good friends, and hopefully good weather. And if you allow everyone attending to contribute, you have a recipe for a budget-conscious, fun-filled experience.

Create a Theme
If you create a theme, it's much easier to ask your guests for certain ingredients. For instance, organize a pizza party where you ask guests to bring their favorite toppings. Have a prep station ready to go with pizza dough, sauce, and cheese, and let your guests provide the rest. You can cook the pizzas right on the grill for easy cleanup as well. You can choose any theme—taco night, pasta party, etc.—but consider what plates and utensils you'll need and factor that into the expense.


Taco partyTaco party


Make it a Potluck
Potlucks are a great way to entertain on a budget. And since everyone is providing a dish, you can expand your guest list or consider arranging a block party for the neighborhood. Assign items by category: appetizers, drinks/cups, main dishes, desserts, plates/napkins/cutlery. Set up long tables and arrange by category. Consider assigning entertainment as well, maybe wireless speakers or a guitar. The most significant thing you'll be spending is not money—it’s time organizing, but it will be well worth the effort!


Picnic basketPicnic basket


Timing is Everything
Another budget-friendly idea is to have a party outside of traditional meal times. Consider having a party from 2-5 pm and serve snacks and beverages. Your guests will appreciate the attention, and you can enjoy the party knowing that it didn't break the bank!


Cool drinksCool drinks

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