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Getting Your Shed Shipshape for Spring—Before & After

Two girls watching a movie in their yardTwo girls watching a movie in their yard

Fall and winter weather can do a number on your shed. Rain, wind, snow, ice, hail—you name it, your shed has seen it and lived to tell the tale! So as spring rolls back around, it may be time to give your shed a little TLC. After a quick clean, you can explore new organizational opportunities that will save you space and time all year long.

Clear Out & Clean Up

The first step is to clear out your gear and give your shed a good washing. Use a garden hose and a bucket of warm, soapy water and gently scrub away any accumulated debris. A hose reel will help you reach even the furthest corners of your lawn (need a recommendation? We’ve got you covered!) Because your Suncast shed is made of resilient and easy-to-clean resin, this part is a cinch. Unlike other materials, resin is resistant to mold and mildew—worst-case scenario, you may have to clean out a few cobwebs! Other than that, a short soak is all you need to do to reset your shed for spring.

Collage: Dad setting up Suncast Adirondack chairs, daughter and son sitting on cushionsCollage: Dad setting up Suncast Adirondack chairs, daughter and son sitting on cushions

Conceptualize & Accessorize

A clean, empty shed is a blank canvas for you to explore new organizational opportunities. Official Suncast shed accessories—such as wall shelves, extra hooks, or a loft kit—can help you maximize every inch of available space (click here to see which accessories will fit your shed). Everything is designed to fit into the pre-molded grooves in your shed walls, so installation only is practically instant! Extra vertical space will help keep the ground clear for larger items like mowers, snowblowers, generators, and wheelbarrows.

Popping corn over a firepitPopping corn over a firepit

Reload & Relax

You have a choice to make at this point. You can place off-season gear near the back of the shed for easier access to your spring things—or take a two-sided approach. This means placing off-season gear to one side of the shed and spring items on the other. Leave yourself a one-foot gap so you can shimmy all the way back. This approach may require a bit more effort, but you’ll be glad to have easy access to your snowblower in the event of a late March snow squall!

Movie projector sitting atop a Suncast deck boxMovie projector sitting atop a Suncast deck box

Out of Sight & Peace of Mind

Finding the right projector to fit for your space and budget can be intimidating. The good news is you have plenty of affordable options (like, under $100 affordable!), so there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg. We recommend looking into LED projectors, since they’ll last a lot longer than bulb-based alternatives. Test out your setup, including the distance and elevation of the projector to the screen so that your image is large, level, and luminous!

You probably already own a device like a laptop that you can hook up to play your favorite DVDs or connect to an online streaming service. Last but not least, get an external audio device (your favorite Bluetooth speaker will do nicely) and make sure you have all the necessary cables and extension cords handy.

Movie projector sitting atop a Suncast deck boxMovie projector sitting atop a Suncast deck box

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